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Shivang Goswami

Business Development

Vadodara, Gujarat, India


Business planningSales forecastingSales ExperienceBusiness SavvinessBusiness writingBrand/ company moderatorAnalyzing contentData analysis and exploration


Mid-level3-5 years

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Hey, I was re-visiting my Web3 journey and I recollect the crazy times, mid-2021 on how the NFT space was booming, everyone was discord-grinding projects, big celebrities supported it etc. Looking at it now most of the projects have no value. 

What's Next for NFTs?
I believe, As NFTs continue to evolve, their applications are bound to surprise us. From revolutionising the music industry to enabling fractional ownership of real-world assets, NFTs are poised to reshape various sectors.  In retrospect, the journey of NFTs from 2021 to now showcases the remarkable adaptability and potential of blockchain technology. 

Curious to know your thoughts!

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