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Talents around the globe

Be part of a community with a DECENTRALIZED governance

50% of tokens for the community treasury


50% of the tokens for the company treasury

Explore how the token BUILDS a talent first community


Earn rewards for doing work and helping grow the community.


Leverage the tokens for exclusive access to programs, events and jobs.


Be a voice of change and vote on the future roadmap of the platform by staking your tokens.


Showcase your expertise and work with unique NFTs and badges.

Built on Solana and backed by top web3 investors

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2022 - Make Platform Live

Allow talent on the community to find work, grow the community and earn token rewards.

2023 - Connect Platform and Token

Connect with the talent's wallet and expand utility, governance and NFTs experience on the community.

Future - Make Token Live

Launch the token and distribute tokens to early members of the community

Read Token Whitepaper