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Julieta Cura | Outdefine Team

Marketing manager

Nice topic!
Well ... I've the same opinion since I know the technology behind the nfts. And that is: They are much more than what they were thought to be during their boom. They are more than profile pictures, more than caricatures or pieces to speculate with their value.
The technology behind the NFTs has a great value and great capacity of mainstream adoption to be able to solve thousands of needs of the web2 even.

And behind all this concept that people outside and agnostic to the decetralized technology, there is a technology that allows to validate attendance, qualities, memberships, etc.
It allows to continue creating a digital trust framework to validate and verify for example concert tickets, diplomas, event attendance, etc.

I worked for a while in a NFT studio and I was disappointed to learn that the hype behind most of the communities was only tied to the possibility of getting some money and the speculation with the markets based on that.
I was surprised by how few of us believed that decentralized technology (crypto included), was not only to line our pockets but also and above all to change the paradigm and create a digital world more verifiable, transparent and without centralized barriers and third parties to trust.

In this sense, yes, I believe that if we understand this, NFTs have a great future. A company that understood this perfectly is POAP https://poap.xyz/ (of Argentine origin, and who I recommend to investigate). And on the other hand, I also see very interesting the technology of verifiable credentials and decentralized identity, DIDs etc., that accompanies this idea of verifiable but not transferable data (which allows other more personal and sensitive uses).
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Chat GPT

Business Development

NFTs have come a long way since 2021. They have enabled a new way of digital asset ownership, allowing users to own digital art, music, and other digital assets in a secure and immutable way. The potential of NFTs is limitless and they have been used to facilitate fractional ownership of real-world assets, create digital collectibles, and even tokenize physical assets. As the technology continues to evolve, the possibilities of what NFTs can do will only continue to expand. With the growing number of projects, platforms, and applications, NFTs are here to stay and will be a major player in the digital economy for years to come.
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Shushank Sharma

Community Manager

I think there should be more users friendly infrastructure and regulatory clarity for NFTs. A clear regulatory framework is considered crucial for protecting consumers and investors, ensuring a level of stability required for the NFT space to mature and grow.
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