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Matthew Dark

Fullstack Engineer

Hemphill, TX, USA
I am a Senior Full Stack Engineer with 8 years of experience and a history of the development of quality e-commerce web applications and products. 
Adept at researching and analyzing client needs to deliver thoughtful and innovative web solutions. 
I am dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that exceed client expectations and drive business growth.
I am ready to contribute my skills and drive impactful results.


Full Stack Engineer

Green Rope

Full time contract3/2021 - 7/2023
  1. Developed web applications and their mobile versions using React and React Native for the Startup E-commerce and Healthcare Companies.
  2. Led a team of 4 developers and designers to create efficient, effective, and visually pleasing websites, resulting in 27% improved working efficiency with React, Angular, GraphQL, and Typescript.
  3. Adapted Agile methodology for project management and participated in sprint and ticket planning, resulting in a 14% decrease in project turnaround time.
Sr. React Developer

Volt Workforce Solutions

Full time contract2/2019 - 2/2021
  1. Built an e-commerce website using MERN stack.
  2. Built an telemedicine platform that delivers medicine quickly to patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. (worked as a volunteer)
  3. Participated in building real estate web and mobile applications to process data for different clients, with an emphasis on Next, Vue, React Native, Node, React Hook, Redux.
Back End Developer

SDH Systems

Full time contract4/2017 - 1/2019
  1. Designed the architecture of the microservice-based backend system, used AWS Lambda, API Gateway, RabbitMQ and Redis cache server to minimize the work in individual task runners.
  2. Achieved a 96% success rate in product update deployment while handling programming tasks and maintaining 4 internal websites (Node, Express, PHP, Python).
Web Developer

Broadway Technology

Full time contract7/2015 - 3/2017
  1. Translated business requirements into user interfaces, wireframes, and front-end components using HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap to deliver high-quality user experiences.
  2. Involved in writing application-level code to interact with APIs, Web Services using AJAX, JSON and XML.
  3. Contributed to building an e-commerce website for a digital marketing agency, improving conversion rates by 25% (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery).


Trinity University

Computer Science

Bachelor's DegreeClass of 2015


NodePythonAWSReactJavaScriptAgile methodologiesReduxTypeScriptReact NativePHP


Senior-level8+ years

Hourly rate


Open to



Most recent
I had a boss 8 years ago who I still think about today.
He was like a dad to me.
I was 22 and at my most vulnerable. My family were going through a tough time.
When we had a 1-to-1 he would:
- Ask me how my mum was
- Show interest in my personal life
- Check on my mental health
The result?
I worked 10x harder.
I was willing to go to war for him.
Great leadership is not just about results.
It's about care + respect + encouragement.
I'll always be grateful to him.
That's the leadership culture we're building.

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