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Connect with and hire 25,000 tech talent across 115 countries. Hire with trust and transparency for flat 10% fees of annual salary. Experience a streamlined hiring, vetting and payroll platform without spending 30-50% of your hiring budget in fees.

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Looking to fill specific roles? Find talent across all industries. Hire for remote, hybrid or onsite positions. Find, hire and pay talent all in one place!

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Hire pre-interviewed talent quickly

Access trusted talent who have been pre-interviewed. See a talent‘s prior coding, behavioral and in-person interview results and make better hiring decisions.

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Hire talent as full time employees or contractors

Have the flexibility to hire talent directly on your payroll or let Outdefine manage the payroll and compliance monthly.

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Hire faster with dedicated recruiting support

Leverage Outdefine‘s recruiting team to source, interview and shortlist qualified talent so you end up making the hire weeks faster with just an 10% in annual fees.

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