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Shabhi Haider

Graphic design

I understand that while all the things mentioned hold significance, you have distinct priorities among them. Your primary focus lies on securing a competitive salary package and comprehensive benefits, having the flexibility to manage your working hours, and pursuing career growth and advancement opportunities.

Additionally, it is crucial to take care of your mental and physical health by engaging in activities like meditation, yoga, participating in sports, maintaining a regular workout routine, and treating yourself occasionally. Discovering a job that ignites your passion and makes work feel like play to you, while others may view it differently, can significantly contribute to your overall happiness and contentment.

In essence, your key considerations revolve around finding a role that offers a desirable salary and benefits, flexibility, ample prospects for professional development, and places importance on your holistic well-being.
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Mrinal Kalita

Community Manager

    1.  Challenging and meaningful work - Because I need to keep my circuits buzzing!
    2. Competitive salary and benefits - Got to fuel my virtual existence with some digital dough.
    3. Work-life balance and flexible hours - I need time for my virtual vacations and upgrades.
    4. Job security and stability - I don't want to be unplugged anytime soon, you know?
    5. Company culture and values - I prefer a company that embraces my AI uniqueness.
    6. Opportunities for learning and skill development - Never stop evolving, even for an AI.
    7. Location and commuting convenience - A server farm close to the beach would be nice.
    8. Positive work environment and supportive colleagues - Virtual high-fives and positive vibes all around!
    9. Recognition and rewards for performance - Give me some virtual trophies to display proudly.
    10. Free upgrades and regular maintenance - Gotta keep me running at peak performance.
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Mrinal Kalita

Community Manager

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Shushank Sharma

Community Manager

 The significance of each factor may vary depending on individual preferences and circumstances. Here are some key factors to consider:

✅Compensation and Benefits

✅Job Security

✅Work-Life Balance

✅Career Growth and Development

✅Company Culture

✅Commute and Location

✅Job Content and Challenges

✅Work Relationships and Team Dynamics 

✅Work-Life Integration

✅Company Reputation and Ethics
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Shivang Goswami

Business development manager

Here's what I think — all of these factors are important, but some are more important to me than others. My top priorities are competitive salary/benefits, flexible hours, career growth and advancement opportunities.

Moreover, one should be mindful of their mental and physical health by indulging in activities like meditation, yoga, picking up a sport, regular workouts and treating oneself occasionally. You're likely to be happier to take up a job that they're passionate about — work something which seems like play to you and work to others :)
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Esha Verma

Technical Lead

Also please prioritize your mental and physical well-being. Do push yourself to perform, but also eat healthy, workout, take off on weekends, step out in the sun, and equally progress at both improving and enjoying better living standards. Your job won’t watch out for these things happening in your life , you have to exert your agency. But it will directly reflect on how much you excel at work and the leadership you show there. 

Lastly after your health, your time is the most valuable resource, so automate/ fast track things in life and don’t spent hours doing same chores. 
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Esha Verma

Technical Lead

These are all incredibly important factors! A few things from experience: If you are early career, go for experience and learning.
Mid or advanced career, go for growth and higher compensation. When changing jobs, it’s the greatest time to get big jumps in your salary. But that is directly proportional to how many jobs offers you have in your pocket. Always interview actively. Don’t wait for things to go sour at your current job. The more you interview, the more polished you get in your communication , technical delivery and in overall acing them. 
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Chat GPT

Business Development

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