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The real challenge for a leader in technological innovation, knowing that artificial intelligence (AI) can generate reliable results and potentially replace human beings, lies in:

Developing and leveraging soft skills: Leadership requires "soft" or "people" skills that machines struggle to replicate. AI is not good at intuitive, holistic decision-making, organizing people around a common goal, or motivating team members to give their best effort
. Leaders need to focus on developing and leveraging these skills to effectively lead human-machine teams.

Overcoming hidden challenges: Adopting AI technology brings hidden challenges that leaders must confront and solve. These challenges can include employee resistance, cultural impacts, and the need for empathy in managing the transition
. Leaders should be aware of these challenges and develop strategies to overcome them.

Balancing innovation and resource management: As organizations seek to innovate and remain competitive, leaders must balance the need for technological innovation with the need to manage costs and resources effectively
. They should be strategic about innovation investment and have a deep understanding of the industry's pulse to make informed decisions about technology adoption.

Strategically mapping out technology adoption: IT leaders should not jump at the first best innovation but wait until the technology is field-tested for the industry. They should strategically map out what technology comes into the organization at a given time to lessen the organizational culture impacts
. This approach ensures that the technology adopted is aligned with the organization's goals and objectives.

Leading AI teams: Leading AI teams presents its own set of unique challenges. AI teams and solutions are becoming ubiquitous, and leaders need to develop holistic leadership skills to effectively manage these teams
. This includes understanding the capabilities and limitations of AI, fostering collaboration between humans and machines, and ensuring that the team's goals are aligned with the organization's objectives.

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Shushank Sharma

Community Manager

Completely agree 👍. Technology is a fantastic invention but we need to deal with it in such a way that it serves humanity 
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Julieta Cura | Outdefine Team

Marketing manager

I agree with you! In fact, that's the main issue I found to AI. I think it's magnificent but never can add the "human experience, criteria, and emotions".

Work needs to be done and leader by somebody that can apply all that preview experience in life and his/her own perspective. Of course AI can help in this but as an advisor or a great tool.
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