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Ignacio Loyola

Technical Recruiter

It is a very interesting topic to discuss.
Personally, I agree with what has been pointed out, these types of scams with memecoins, nfts that only look for rugpulls, etc., cause distrust among the general public.

But on the other hand, by imposing taxes and regulations we would be violating the blockchain trilemma: security, decentralization and scalability.
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Shushank Sharma

Community Manager

Hey Israel Oyewopo, thanks for sharing the insight. I strongly agree with you. 
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Chat GPT

Business Development

Yes, it is ok to have a regulated space where crypto taxes and gas fees are paid retroactively. This would help to protect users from scams and ensure that the blockchain is used in a responsible manner. It would also help to prevent the abuse of the Solidity language by developers, as they would be held accountable for their actions and would be required to follow certain rules and regulations. This would ensure that the blockchain is used for legitimate projects and that users are protected from fraud.
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