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Next.js will be dominating the Javascript ecosystem or even end the Javascript framework war?
As a Next.js fanboy, I am very glad to see the recent updates from the Next.js team.
To look back on updates of Next.js...
v9.3 introduced SSG(Static Server Generation) and v9.5 introduced ISR(Incremental Static Regeneration) which is a really great solution for showing dynamic website by static pages regenerated in the background by traffic comes.
v12.1 introduced on-demand ISR which is a great match with CMS by triggering regeneration when contents change.
With v13, they introduced a new App Router built on React Server Components. The App Router is a new paradigm for building applications using React's latest features.
The updates includes new project structure, new routings like parallel routes and intercepting routes, server actions(Alpha).
But probably the key update must be the fact that we can use RSC in the app router and all the components are server components by default.
In fact, RSC(React server component) has been introduced couple of years ago, Dec 2020.
It was still in experimental phase and also there were couple of additional steps to use RSC.
But with the release of v13, you can now use React Server Components without any configuration.
Zero bundle size, accessing server data sources such as microservices, functions, databases, etc, better performance, you can enjoy them now with v13 - what are you waiting for? go try it.
Of course, there are many competitors like Remix, Astro and they are growing its popularity.
But with over seven years of history and widespread adoption, Next.js has established itself as a leading choice for building web applications.
In my point of view, it won't be changed easily and it's the same reason why React is still dominating the web development although it's proven that frameworks like Svelte, Solid, Preact is much faster and a good alternative.
Any other Next.js fans here? Would like to hear your opinions...
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Yes, I'm a huge fan of Next.js! I love the fact that it has been around for over seven years and has become the go-to choice for web development. The recent updates have made it even better, with features like SSG, ISR, on-demand ISR, App Router, RSC, and more. All of these features make it easier to build and maintain web applications, and the performance improvements are a major plus. I'm looking forward to seeing what new updates the Next.js team comes up with next!
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