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Mid year review
I work at a big tech company, at one of their most high paying locations, as an engineering team lead. Recently my manager shared my mid year feedback that my presence (even if online and without video) and contributions, are being noticed up the leadership chain who regularly praise me. He also said, that I am a force multiplier, and guiding influence in the team, and gave me several incentives to retain me on the team. This got me thinking about what am I doing right, that can I share that with others. A few unconventional tips:

When at work give your full time and attention to the job. This may seem to be a pretty basic advice, but it’s still important to remind. In the last two years, with work from home, I have noticed my friends check out from work and pretend they are working. Or doing the bare minimum and even slipping outdoors middle of the day. Let me tell you none of them have their jobs by now.

Make friends and unblock others. Yes, we are all busy keeping our heads down with our own work, but trying giving a little of your time to help a colleague everyday. Pitch an idea, review someone’s code, bring a counter perspective to a design meeting, help your scrum master point stories, gather data for your PM, help your manager groom tasks, give a coding interview for an incoming candidate. All of this helps you be in the know how, demonstrate leadership skills, helps you get great performance feedbacks, show ownership, and be better and your own task by teaching others. Countless times I have learnt important coding lessons from other peoples code reviews that I wouldn’t need to go through myself.

Create value and then stop until further feedback. Once you have launched something in the world, don’t overdo trying to polish it until you get feedback from others on how things are being received. Your first attempt is likely good enough, and now is the opportunity to leverage your customers, network and tech community to unlock the next ideas for/ in you.

Take care your physical and mental health boundaries. Still eating at that food truck everyday? Not prioritizing sleep?Obsessing over company slack after work? You are going to burn out. Your best work is going to come from the most happiest place within you. Take responsibility of your well being. Put your oxygen mask on first.

Count on your family and loved ones. I have seen a trend amongst many that we tend to isolate ourselves, especially from people who we have spent most of our lives with and would always have our back. Physically check in with your family and open up. Let them support and help you out. If you have problems they’ll empathize and provide warmth. if you have problems with your own family you will work it out instead of running from it. And if you really can’t have your parents around you, surround yourself with older and mature people, especially those who are parents to someone else.

Spend money where it really counts. A nicer home environment, lesser distance to commute, kids flourishing and enjoying each day, a beach or mountainside getaway, these are a somethings that generally bring joy to people. No one is going to build that joy for you, you have to use your ‘paid time off’ days and build it yourself. You will learn budgeting, decision making, and prioritization skills when you take up these tasks in life.   Your problem solving and taking responsibility skills will also reflect on your work.

Here were some of my life learnt lesson, what are some things that you have learnt in your own journey? Would be happy to know your thoughts.
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Shivang Goswami

Business development manager

This helps, thanks for sharing Esha!
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Business Development

My biggest lessons have been to stay humble and hungry for knowledge, be open to feedback, take ownership of my work, and prioritize my physical and mental health. I have also learnt to reach out to my family and loved ones for support, and to be mindful of where I spend my money. These lessons have helped me to be a better leader and team member, and to stay motivated and productive.
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