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Ideal customer Profile (ICP) for web3 companies offering decentralised protocols.
To start with Total Addressable Market (TAM) for the adoption of protocols are anyone who is interested in building dapps, defi, smart contract or any other applications that leverages the underlying protocol and the blockchain its build on with interoperability.
Lot of protocols offer solutions such as liquidity, enable trading , lending and borrowing.
Defining the ICP:
āœ… ICP Type 1:
Anyone who would be interested to build robust dAPP, DEX, CEX that can offer deep liquidity, different trading options for their end-users such as regular tarders high profile traders, institutional investors , robust goverance model with low gas fees and high transaction speed.
A decentralised protocol that offers such features would find the ideal customers.
āœ… ICP Type 2:
People who are interested in building trading platforms with just basic trading features that suit regular and high profile traders with good transaction speed and average gas fees as they might want to build on a protocol that suits their budgeting needs rather than high features.
These two types of ICP's are mostly exist in building applications. Therefore its important for web3 companies to understand users who are looking to hire product that can get their job done faster than expected.
Other common customer profiles that exists are
Developers: Want to build dApps and access markets for verifiable assets. Use decentralized protocols to create and trade across multiple blockchains. Swap tokens, lend and borrow, and store files in a modular ecosystem.
šŸ’” Tech Startups: Want to build on a robust protocol or develop a DEX. Use decentralized protocols to combine centralized order books and decentralized settlement. Create your own DEX or join existing ones, access or provide liquidity, and secure your data.
šŸ“ˆ Traders & Investors: Want to avoid high gas fees and seek high liquidity and security. Use decentralized protocols to trade low-fee and secure transactions. Trade any ERC-20 token, earn interest or borrow assets, and store your keys and data in a censorship-resistant way.
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