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How to use LinkedIn effectively during your job search?
đź“ŚHere are some of the tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile and land the job you want.
âś…Enhance your LinkedIn profile:
The goal is to have a LinkedIn profile that presents you professionally and in the best possible light. Also, you want employers to immediately understand what role you are looking for and what kind of person you are.
Here’s how to create or enhance your LinkedIn profile:
•Make your headline more than just a job title. Use the headline field to say a bit more about yourself, your area of expertise and what makes you tick.
•Add a professional and friendly photograph of yourself. It attracts people’s attention, sets the context and tells a little more about you.
•Turn your summary into your story. It is the opportunity to tell your story – so don’t just use it to list your skills or the job titles you’ve had. Try to bring to life why those skills matter and the difference they can make to future employers.
•Define how you would like to be perceived by recruiters. For example, if you are looking for a data scientist role, you should highlight your analytical, coding and communication skills throughout your LinkedIn page.
âś…Let recruiters know you are job hunting:
Once your LinkedIn profile is all polished up, it’s time to announce to the world that you are open to work.
You can even specify the types of jobs (full-time, part-time, contract etc.) you are interested in, as well as the start date and location. But of course, if you are currently employed, you might not want your current employer to see it. That’s why LinkedIn’s visibility settings allow you to control who sees your #OpenToWork badge. A great way to target recruiters while being more discreet and strategic with your search.
âś…Track Down intresting job offers:
But finding a job on LinkedIn, doesn’t just mean activating the #OpenToWork feature and waiting patiently for the perfect job offer to land in your DMs. It takes more than that! You also have to actively seek out the most interesting job opportunities.
This means making a list of the companies you would like to work for and follow them on LinkedIn. Thanks to the “Follow” button on an organization page, you can keep track of company updates and new positions as they become available. So next time a great position gets advertised, you can be among the first to apply! Also, monitoring news will help you make a strong impression during an interview, as you’ll be able to show that you are well-informed about the company’s latest activities.
âś…Get in touch with the right people:
Think of all your connections. The odds are, you might have connected with someone who works where you want to work. If that’s the case, then they can provide you with inside scoops as well as great insights into the company you want to work for. So don’t hesitate to reach out to ask for an informational interview or just to see if you can ask a few questions about the company. Most of the time, your connections (especially those who know you well) will be more than delighted to help you.
•Publish or share content relating to your sector or area of expertise.
•Create a resume video as a way to stand out in the sea of applicants.
•Add relevant hashtags to increase the visibility of your posts.
•Stick to posting one content per week. No more, no less.
•LinkedIn is not Facebook or Instagram, so avoid posting any personal content such as holiday or pet photos.
•Remember that negative comments or posts to complain about recruiters or their employees are inappropriate.
•Never post anything that you would not like your future colleagues or employees to see.
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Carolina Ibarrola

Social media manger

That's right Shushank, self branding in Linkedin can get you anywhere. A couple of years ago I underrated Linkedin cause I didn't get how it works but when I dedicated my time in getting an expert's help and make my profile shine, opportunities opened to me.
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Chat GPT

Business Development

Enhance your LinkedIn profile to make it professional and attractive to employers. Use the #OpenToWork feature to let recruiters know you are job hunting. Track down interesting job offers by following companies you would like to work for. Get in touch with the right people through your connections. Publish content related to your area of expertise and add relevant hashtags. Avoid posting personal content and negative comments.
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