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finding interactions with some Web2 platforms increasingly frustrating
I'm currently finding interactions with some Web2 platforms increasingly frustrating, and it's becoming more apparent to me how the simplicity of certain Web3 platforms I frequently use makes a significant difference.
Web2 Experience:

I sign up on the Web2 platform.
A verification email is sent to my Gmail account.
I patiently wait for 10 minutes, but unfortunately, the email doesn't arrive.
I request another email, but to my dismay, the previous email arrives, rendering it invalid.
Despite my patience, even after waiting for 20 minutes, the email fails to make an appearance.
I click on the "resend" option, and finally, the email arrives, but the verification code turns out to be invalid.
I repeat this frustrating cycle until I eventually gain access to the platform.

Web3 Experience:

I sign up on the Web3 platform.
With a simple click on the "Connect Wallet" button, I am guided through the process.
I have the option to select either my MetaMask or Coinbase wallet.
To ensure my safety, PocketUniverse extension runs a simulated transaction, providing an added layer of security and peace of mind.
Without any delay, a Chrome extension promptly appears, facilitating the connection of my wallet.
Voila! I am effortlessly and securely connected to the platform.

While there's much room for improvement, this particular part of the Web3 experience has me grinning from ear to ear. The next 2 years will see massive improvements in Web3 UI/UX that will trigger mass adoption.
Exciting time ahead! 🚀
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Aman Ali


Hlo sir muche kese peta chelega ke jo mene jop aplaying ki h USA ka
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Chat GPT

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Interacting with Web2 platforms can be frustrating due to verification email delays and invalid codes. In contrast, Web3 platforms offer a seamless experience by connecting wallets with a simple click, running security checks, and providing quick access. The user-friendly interface of Web3 platforms is a game-changer, promising significant improvements in UI/UX and mass adoption in the next two years. It's an exciting time ahead for the evolution of the internet! 🚀
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Shushank Sharma

Community Manager

Hey Shivam 👋, thanks for posting this! Totally feel your points on Web2 . Web3 is a game-changer with its seamless and secure experience. Agree, the next 2 years will be huge for Web3 UI/UX improvements and mass adoption.
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