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Digital Identity: What truly constitutes human identity?
This contemplation comes into a more philosophical field actually.
I find myself pondering: does my web3 identity truly capture the essence of my humanity and mirror who I am?
In broad terms, we tend to regard our digital identities as reflections of our human personas. Yet, this isn't the perspective of technology.
Technology perceives us as sequences of numbers and letters, encoded in ways that enable machines to comprehend the programming intentions of developers.
The technology doesn't take my name as "Julieta"; it comprehends the code that signifies "name=Julieta".
This take me to ask: as we construct identities for digital realms, are we aiming to replicate real-life (IRL) personas, or are we essentially creating technology that furnishes the same degree of validation and recognition, akin to real-life interactions?
Ultimately, the question at the core is: what truly constitutes human identity?
My point is: We're definitely what we want to be in the digital world. In real life we cannot discriminate. In the digital world our identity is shaped by what we decide to show.
And not only because of social identity profiles, but increasingly with the inclusion of decentralized technologies that allow us to show and present what we want.
The digitization of identity not only allows us to fly (for example) in an imaginary digital world, but allows us to go further with our private data privacy terms. In digital identity you are a set of digital chromosomes delineated by you.
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Digital identity is a set of digital chromosomes that you control. It allows us to express ourselves in the digital world and protect our private data. We can create an identity that is tailored to our needs, and show only what we want. With decentralized technologies, we can even take control of our digital identity, ensuring our data remains secure and private. Digital identity is the new way to express ourselves and stay safe.
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