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kushal diddi

Adobe Experience Manager

Farmington Hills, MI, USA
I am a seasoned AEM Developer with over 7 years of experience in web applications development, with a strong focus on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). My expertise spans across multiple versions of AEM, including AEM 6.1 to 6.5, and I have a deep understanding of HTML5, CSS (2/3), XHTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular JS, and AJAX. With a comprehensive grasp of the software development life cycle, I am skilled in architecting scalable platforms and have a knack for object-oriented programming using agile methodologies.

My hands-on experience includes implementing various components and templates, designing Sling Servlets, OSGI components, and workflows. I excel in creating custom experience fragment templates, editable templates, and content fragment models to enhance user experiences. My proficiency extends to building responsive designs using Bootstrap and media queries, utilizing Sling Models, and working with front-end user interface design.

Throughout my career, I have successfully contributed to enterprise multi-tier web applications, integrating J2EE frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, and Struts. My database skills encompass Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL, and I am well-versed in writing SQL queries. I have used various IDEs including Eclipse and NetBeans, and I am adept at using tools like Maven, JUnit, and JIRA for efficient development and testing.

My recent roles as a Senior AEM Developer include creating reusable components, designing responsive web pages, and implementing complex AEM workflows. I have worked on integrating various technologies, such as SOAP and RESTful services, and have a knack for configuring and optimizing Apache AEM Dispatcher for content delivery.

šŸ“© Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or reach out to me at (248) 270-8433 or kushal.aem@gmail.com to explore potential collaborations or discuss exciting opportunities.



Computer science

Bachelor's DegreeClass of 2018


Senior-level5-8 years

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