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Photo of Yashaswini Dummi Kubendrappa -

Yashaswini Dummi Kubendrappa -

Fullstack Engineer

Toronto, ON, Canada


Software Engineer

Reveiw Studio

Full time3/2022 - 9/2022
  1. ● Technical Summary: MySQL, Ruby 3 and Rails 7, Javascript, HTML, CSS, GitHub, Jira, StimulusJS, CoffeeScript, AWS S3. ● Worked with Review Studio Team, Worked on a Review Studio Project. ● Added custom default settings fields for all upcoming Reviews, A client set particular deadlines for all upcoming reviews for which these custom fields will be set as a default.
Software Engineer

Nordech Inc

Full time10/2021 - 2/2022
  1. ● Technical Summary: PostgreSQL, Ruby 2.7 and Rails 7, Javascript, HTML, CSS, GitHub, Jira, Sidekiq. ● Worked with Nordech Team, Worked on a Leadhoop Project. ● Added features like duration for the recordings using the gem and made DB changes for already existing tables. ● Added reload buffer image after particular operations like Create or Edit.
Software Engineer

Saranyu Technologies PVT LTD

Full time4/2016 - 6/2018
  1. ● Technical Summary: MySQL, MongoDB, Ruby 2.4 and Rails 4, Javascript, HTML, CSS, GitHub, Redis, AWS S3, Azure, AJAX. ● Custom Metadata: Implemented generic and customizable forms for customers. ● Multi CDN: Collected Requirements and did Database Design, Implementation the front end, and Helped juniors with Database Design and implementations. ● Subscription: Implementation of Plans and packs for user subscriptions. ● Customized API for all Payments: Generic API to handle all kinds of transactions from the backend than from the Applications level. (ex: Paytm, ccAvenue, etc) DittoTV ● Paytm: Worked on Paytm Integration to the DittoTV site and Auto-Renewal Script to Auto deduction of amount every month from the users who opt for Auto-Renewal while subscribing. ● Coupon Code: Worked on Coupon Code Integration to the website. On Applied coupon Code user will get special benefits or a pack extension with extra days ● Ola Play: Developed APIs for Ditto Login from the Ola Play app and Pack Activations from the Ola Play app. ● Act Fibernet: Developed APIs for Ditto Login and pack activations from Act Fibernet App ● AIS: AIS is a Thailand region play box. Implemented APIs for Ditto login, Ditto Sing in through AIS playbox, and Ditto pack Activations through AIS playbox. ● User Portal: DittoTV Subscription or User Portal implemented to manage the User’s Subscription and Registration by Organization level.
Software Engineer

Pace Wisdom

Full time11/2014 - 4/2016
  1. ● Technical Summary: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Ruby 2.4 and Rails 4, Javascript, HTML, CSS, GitHub, Bootstrap, Python, Django. Stracuity ● Collected Requirements from the clients ● Designed Database and had discussions with managers for betterment. ● Created MySQL database ● Wrote logical algorithms by considering the discussions had with managers and collected feedback. ● Followed Ruby on Rails coding standards ● Implemented the UI/UX for the website QuitKaro ● Implemented using Ruby on Rails. ● Application to Quit bad habits with the use of Twitter. ● Integrated Twitter using Omni Auth. ● Creating auto twitter notifications and auto-posting to the Twitter CarrierSharpa ● CarrierSharpa is an Android Play store app. This is a platform where a graduate will get notifications regarding job openings. Used Ruby on Rails to implement the complete project. ● Developed Database Structure to store the User Data ● Developed API for User Registrations and Sign In ● Developed API for User Email Notifications


Georgian College

Mobile Application Web Development

Associate DegreeClass of 2021

Computer Science of Engineering

Bachelor's DegreeClass of 2013


RubyGithubPythonWeb implementation


Mid-level3-5 years

Hourly rate


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