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Data Architect

8+ yearsHyderabad, Telangana, India
Data Architect
Experience level
Senior-level8+ yrs
Hourly rate
Open to
PythonMicrosoft AzureAWS Elastic Compute (EC2)AWS LambdaNoSQL, HadoopGithubDevOpsSparkAzureautomated testing

Dr.Babasaheeb Ambedhkar Marathwada University

Computer Science

Master's DegreeClass of 2002

Senior Software Engineer

Optum Global Solution Pvt.Ltd

full time contract3/2007 - 6/2022
  1. Understood requirements, designed dimension and fact tables for data modeling.
  2.  Implemented PySpark data bricks notebooks to ingest and transform the data from
  3. source(raw) to target(output) container by applying business logics.
  4.  Created external Delta lake tables with partitions on target Parquet and Delta file format
  5. folders.
  6.  Implemented code reusability technique's by creating separate notebooks for variable
  7. initialization and Pyspark function, calling them in each dimension and fact table notebooks
  8. execution.
  9.  Implemented logging mechanism in data bricks notebooks to log each performed activity
  10. using try and except blocks while running the notebook.
  11.  Supporting ad-hoc requests by analyzing data on multiple databases
  12.  Developing PySpark jobs for the resource intensive DataBricks jobs.
  13. Achievement
  14.  Suggested and worked on the Value Creation ideas to optimize the customer tools resulted
  15. more than $350K saving every year for the customer
  16.  Received multiple appreciation from UHG customers for providing a health care claim
  17. support in critical issues
  18.  Received on spot award from Optum for extraordinary support to multiple customers across
  19. locations in different time zone

Senior Data Design Engineer

DXC Technology

full time contract7/2022 - 4/2023
  1.  Taking care of all data engineering activities of the organization.
  2.  Maintaining data warehousing , integration of various data sources .
  3.  Extensively involved in Data Engineering and Exploring Data Analysis (EDA)
  4. Involvements:-
  5.  Analyzing solution requirements, performed source system analysis, High level design
  6. & implementation.
  7.  Engaged in sprint planning , stories estimation , retro and prepare scrum reports.
  8.  Analyzing cost , usage , proposing design for optimization solutions.
  9.  Synchronizing with Business & stakeholders, plan & manage deliverables.
  10.  Data model , ETL pipeline for various data sources.
  11.  Involved in hiring , onboarding and coaching.
  12.  Leading team, refactoring, code deployments, code reviews & code complexity reduction
  13. Achievements
  14.  Avoided transaction failures during database backup process by automating database
  15. transaction queueing mechanism
  16.  Contributed reusable components to team & cost saving.
  17.  POC & design for multiple Azure Cloud Solutions.
  18.  Created a framework helps to follow best practices on coding and processes.
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