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Photo of Tooba Shahid

Tooba Shahid

Software engineer

Karachi, Pakistan
Analyst Software Engineer with 2 years of experience in software development and data analysis. Skilled in developing software using python. Experienced in deploying and managing large scale software solutions. Proven ability to analyze business requirements and
design efficient software architectures. Seeking a position to leverage expertise in Machine Learning to develop innovative solutions


Analyst software engineer


Full time9/2021 - 5/2023
  1. Designed the architecture and deployed a module for analyzing interactions between customer and agents.
  2. • Onboarded and lead a team of annotators and supervised them across multiple projects.
  3. • Trained domain-specific models to tailor them to client-specific use cases.
  4. • Created end to end classification schemes for multiple industries.
  5. • Designed and implemented the core architecture for an end to end NLP solution for assessing customer reviews.
  6. • Researched about and deployed LLM based solutions for inference.
  7. • Created a standalone deployment for serving analysis requests through LLMs.
  8. • Deployed a solution for custom category configuration allowing a user to define their classification schemes on runtime.
  9. • Created a CICD pipeline on GCP to ensure smooth integrations and deployments.
  10. • Performed document search optimization based on quality keyword extraction and analysis.
  11. • Deployed machine learning models on ONNX Runtime for lightning-fast inference.
Software Enginner


Full time6/2023 - 10/2023
  1. Contributed to the development of a conversational AI module designed to train bots with knowledge, enabling users to engage in
  2. natural conversations and obtain answers to their queries.
  3. • Proficient in prompt engineering techniques to optimize NLP and ML models for improved conversational AI and question-answering
  4. systems.
  5. • Currently gaining experience in Kubernetes for container orchestration, including deploying and managing containerized
  6. applications.


FAST NUCES karachi

Bachelors in Computer science

Bachelor's DegreeClass of 2021


Problem-solvingTeamworkTime managementMachine learningPythonWorking with data


1-3 years

Hourly rate


Open to


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