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Photo of Taylan Sagir

Taylan Sagir

Community Manager

Taylan is the Blockchain enthuasist and early Web3 adopter. 

He started to work as customer relations & salesman in diffrent industrial areas and work with intercultural enviroment. 

At 2016 met with blockchain technology and started to work with as ambassador & community manager at 2020.

Now he is helping blockchain projects to localize their communities in Turkey,APAC and LATAM. Especially he provides community management , marketing , KOL Management at Turkish & global market. 

At marketing stage, He is also onboarding KOLS and creating social media strategies.


Problem solverCommunication skillsMarketingBusiness knowledgeNatural Language ProcessingCryptocurrencyWeb3Blockchain ecosystem


Senior-level1-3 years

Hourly rate


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