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Suleman Ismaila

Blockchain Engineer

1-3 yearsLagos, Nigeria
About Suleman Ismaila
Blockchain Engineer
Experience level
Mid-level1-3 yrs
Hourly rate
Open to
remotefull time contract
GithubPythonSolidityJavaScriptOpen source projectsProblem-solvingBlockchainJavascriptAmazon Web ServicesProblem solving


Cloud/DevOps Engineering

High School / GEDClass of 2021


Computer Science

Bachelor's DegreeClass of 2023

Smart Contract Engineer (Intern)


8/2022 - 3/2023
  1. Developed and deployed a blockchain Learning management system using hardhat.
  2. wrote tests using javascript to test all functions in the smart contract .
  3. Integrated smart contract with backend using ether.js and web3.js.
  4. integrated smart contract with Frontend React using web3.js
  5. Utilize (SBT) Soulbound token technology to issue certification for registered graduating participants
  6. Deployed and verified contract on Goerli scan and polygon Mumbai.
  7. Used delegate calls and delegate proxy call for optimization of large size smart contracts.

Smart Contract Engineer (Intern)

Polygon Africa

5/2022 - 11/2022
  1. Developed a digital real estate blockchain platform for management of luxury home, apartment, investment property, property rentals and sales.
  2. Utilize Digital token technology to manage the distribution of real estate smart contracts.
  3. Deployed and verified contract on polygons Mumbai etherscan.
  4. Utiliz Web3 Development Platform (Infura) for reporting, recieving alerts, analytics, and application monitoring.
  5. Utilize computer algorithms, blockchain, location data, predictive analytics to help investors locate and sell properties, find renters and minimize their real estate investment.

Junior DevOps Engineer

ClouterTech Inc.

full time contract1/2021 - 10/2022
  1. Configured CI/CD on TravisCI for developers’ application release and deployments.
  2. Wrote automation scripts in python to automate manual tasks like AWS RDS backups and snapshot cleaning.
  3. Wrote IaC code using Cloudformation and Terraform.
  4. Configured EC2 instances using Ansible.
  5. Help in the migration of application from Elastic Beanstalk to Elastic Container Service (ECS)
  6. Helped developers in writing basic helm templates to deploy applications.
  7. Performed scheduled maintenance with supervision from Senior Engineers

Cloud Engineer(intern)

African App Launchpad Internship

6/2020 - 10/2020
  1. Deployed a static website for content delivery using AWS CloudFront and S3 buckets.
  2. Carried out tasks involving the proficient use of AWS cloud resources.
  3. Deployed Full Stack Apps on AWS · Built and deployed a full stack application (image filtering micro-service) in the Cloud.
  4. Refactored a monolithic application into microservices in the Cloud
  5. Built and deployed a Full Stack Serverless application.

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