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Sohaib Ali

Fullstack Engineer

Passionate Software Engineer skilled in JavaScript, Python, React, and Django. Committed to collaborative problem-solving and continuous learning.


Support Software engineer

Lenus eHealth

Full time contract8/2023 - 12/2023
  1. Resolved an average of 800-1,000 tickets per month, showcasing exceptional problem-solving skills and the ability to efficiently address customer and coach concerns.
  2. Developed innovative features, including the "Bootcamps" functionality, which fostered client interaction, motivation, and progress sharing while streamlining communication for coaches.
  3. Demonstrated proficiency in software troubleshooting on both the front and back end, providing comprehensive assistance to users and empowering them to find solutions independently.
  4. Proactively learned and mastered the product, resulting in a deep understanding of its functionality, bug identification, and effective documentation for future development considerations.
  5. Maintained and updated the SQL database, offering valuable guidance to team members and ensuring efficient data management. In charge of maintaining SQL database performance, data extraction, and writing queries for daily information updates.
Fullstack Software Engineer

Original G.S Contracting

Full time contract7/2021 - 8/2023
  1. Collaborated with another Software Engineer in an Agile environment to develop a full-stack Django/Python web application for Original G.S Contracting.
  2. Implemented full CRUD functionality and a 1-to-many relationship for the website's data, utilizing a PostgreSQL database.
  3. Developed and implemented an Admin authorization system for the website, allowing for easy updates and maintenance by the company.
  4. Built a functional contact page for the website, enabling users to send emails to the company and save the information in the database.


Kingsborough Community College

Computer Science

Associate DegreeClass of 2023
General Assembly

Software Engineering Immersive Program

BootcampClass of 2023
Amazon Web Services (AWS

AWS Technical Essentials Certification

OtherClass of 2023



Fullstack Engineer
project preview

React-based website for learning about and reviewing Anime. I handled Fullstack/API development. We integrated a public API, tested it with Postman, and deployed it on our backend servers. MongoDB data could be modified through each entry.


FullStack Engineer
project preview

Built fitness website in 4-day sprint using Django and PostgreSQL. Full User Authorization, 1 one-to-many, 2 many-to-many relationships, and CRUD functionality implemented. Designed layout with Bulma and Bootstrap. Version control through Git.


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JavaScriptDjangoPythonReactSQLWeb designProblem-solvingCommunication skillsAdaptabilityDesign features


Mid-level1-3 years

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