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Photo of Sai Pavan  Kunda

Sai Pavan Kunda

Data Architect

Chicago, IL, USA
I am Sai Pavan Kunda a recent Master graduate and experienced Data Engineer and expertise in ETL pipelines, Data migration,Building Dashboards and more work related to data.Please have a look at portfolio.



Data Engineer


Full time contract1/2020 - 1/2021
  1. • Tools and Technologies: Azure Data Factory, Azure Data lake, Databricks, Bigquery, Python, Visual Studio
  2. • Migrated database objects from Microsoft Synapse to Bigquery, including Stored Procedures and Views using Azure Data Factory.
  3. • Developed Pyspark notebooks in Databricks to ingest data from various sources and created driver notebooks to fetch GBQ environment config files when running ADF pipelines.
  4. • Analyzed triggers to fetch GBQ environment config and source files while running ADF pipelines, and applied transformation rules to source/target application data.
  5. • Built pipelines using Azure Data Factory and created transformation logic to meet business requirements.
  6. • Conducted end-to-end testing of applications to ensure functionality aligns with business requirements.
Data Engineer


Full time contract7/2018 - 12/2019
  1. • Tools and Technologies: Spark , HDFS, ETL pipeline, HIVE
  2. • Configured Hive database to store and manage data, optimizing
  3. database performance and scalability, and ensuring data consistency
  4. and accuracy.
  5. • Setup a ETL pipeline using spark to extract data from multiple
  6. sources and load it into hive database.
  7. • Developed transformation code to manipulate the data stored in
  8. the Hive database according to specific requirements, incorporating
  9. data quality and validation checks to ensure the accuracy
  10. and completeness of the processed data.
Hadoop Developer

Food Pine

Full time contract9/2017 - 6/2018
  1. • Tools and Technologies: HDFS, Hive
  2. • Designed and developed data pipelines using Hadoop ecosystem
  3. technologies to process and analyze large volumes of data from
  4. multiple sources, including transactional systems, log files, and
  5. customer feedback.
  6. • Developed and optimized Hive queries to transform and aggregate
  7. data, enabling faster and more efficient analysis of business
  8. performance and customer behavior


Illinois institute of technology

Computer Scinece

Master's DegreeClass of 2023


PythonSQLNoSQL, HadoopAWS LambdaMicrosoft AzureGithubCommunicationData pipelineCollect data


Entry-level3-5 years

Hourly rate



Most recent
data engineer
Do a 3+ years exp and 2+ years of master stud gets a full time..........?

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