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Photo of Saad Mahmood

Saad Mahmood

Fullstack Engineer

Lahore, Pakistan
As an experienced Software Engineer with over 6 years in the field, I've honed my skills in full-stack development with JavaScript, Vue, React, Angular, Python, and Node.js, alongside managing databases and applying DevOps practices with AWS, Docker, and others. I've led diverse teams, integrated APIs, used agile project management tools, and remained updated on industry trends, continually delivering innovative solutions that enhance productivity and meet user needs.


Software Engineer

Emblem Technologies

Full time contract5/2017 - 9/2019
  1. Exhibited hands-on programming skills in JavaScript, React, and Angular.
  2. Actively participated in the architecture, design, and implementation of backend features
  3. using Node.js and Django Python.
  4. Ensured the quality and security of client code by identifying bugs and weaknesses
  5. using approved troubleshooting methods, and developing robust solutions that satisfied
  6. client requirements for functionality, scalability, and performance.
Senior Software Engineer

Strategic Systems International

Full time contract9/2019 - 9/2021
  1. I have proven expertise in coding with JavaScript, and have used frameworks
  2. such as React, Vue, Angular, Nuxt.js, and Next.js effectively.
  3. For efficient management of the application state,
  4. I have used technologies like Redux, Vuex, and NgRx. Additionally,
  5. I have built user interfaces using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Material UI, and Tailwind CSS.
  6. I have actively participated in backend development using Django Python and Node.js, primarily utilizing the ExpressJS and NestJS frameworks. To ensure the quality and reliability of the code, I have created and automated unit test cases
  7. using tools such as Jest, Jasmine, and Factory Boy.


National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences

Computer Science

Bachelor's DegreeClass of 2017


Simply StakeHolders

Front-End Developer
No image available

Frontend Developer at Simply Stakeholders, specializing in stakeholder relationship management. Developed frontend solutions using Angular, ensuring efficient and user-friendly interfaces. Implemented comprehensive testing strategies, including unit tests




Senior-level5-8 years

Hourly rate


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