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Photo of Renata Lopez de Arriaga Hernandez

Renata Lopez de Arriaga Hernandez

Social media manger

Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Communicologist by profession, photographer and videographer.
Life has taught me versatility and I have been able to apply it with the variety of clients and types of work that I have been able to do, from food capture to sports, events, products and models.
Content creation leads you to learn how to create it from the slightest idea to execution and projection; This has given me knowledge of pre, production and post production of content.
Attentive to the client, its product or service and its needs, which provides a different essence to each video, photograph and publication, as well as the language to direct to the public.
Pro active, responsible, punctual, diligent, honest, constant and above all creative.

I could mention all the jobs in which I have been able to participate in a listed way but I would rather do it my way, a little more creative and visual, here I share my portfolio with CV attached https://panoralah.portfoliobox.net


content creator, producer

Freelancing Photography and Video

Full time contract8/2019 - 8/2023


    Universidad Anáhuac

    Communication and media

    Bachelor's DegreeClass of 2023


    Problem solverAdobe CCSocial mediaEditing contentContent strategyOptimizationAnalyzing contentCreativityFlexibilityProblem Solving


    Senior-level3-5 years

    Open to


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