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Photo of Rafael Aquino

Rafael Aquino

Fullstack Engineer

Aracaju, State of Sergipe, Brazil


Fullstack Developer


Full time contract8/2020 - 4/2021
  1. I have fixed bugs and created resources as a consultant within the 5th most extensive network of sports academies in the world, present in 11 countries in Latin America, used in 800 units, and with more than 1.5 million customers. During the Coronavirus pandemic(2020), we reduced student dropout to just 3% and expanded the number of units by 9%.
Software Developer

Rockstar Coders

Full time contract5/2021 - 2/2023
  1. At Rockstar Coders I am able to work on a variety of projects with different clients, cultures and technologies. At Rockstar Coders, we’re here to help you supplement your team with a network of 10,000+ elite developers and designers from across North and South America.
Fullstack Developer

Agência Acerte

Full time contract2/2014 - 5/2019
  1. I developed websites and web systems with Ruby on Rails
  2. I inserted the concept of responsiveness into the company in the first year of work
  3. We changed how the company deals with responsive sites to reduce the delivery time of the site
  4. I studied Semantic HTML and SEO to improve the websites ranking on Google
Fullstack Developer

Appolus Tecnologia

Full time contract10/2019 - 8/2020
  1. I created new features and fixed bugs on the health system product built by this company. This system is in eight cities, and because of it, we can reduce costs, waiting for the time for a schedule, and other common problems in our Brazilian Public Health System.


Universidade TIradentes

Computer Science

Bachelor's DegreeClass of 2013


RubyReactGithubCSSHTMLSEO optimization


Mid-level8+ years

Hourly rate


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