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Pablo Olivarez

Fullstack Engineer

8+ yearsToronto, ON, Canada
About Pablo Olivarez
Fullstack Engineer
Experience level
Senior-level8+ yrs
Hourly rate
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JavascriptNodeSoftware designDatabase systemsOptimizationKnowledge HTML5Knowledge CSS3OOPWeb implementation

Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa María

Software Engineer

Bachelor's DegreeClass of 2018



Associate DegreeClass of 2011

Sr. Software Engineer


full time8/2020 - 12/2022
  1. • Designed and developed solutions with documentation in high-demand situations and with concurrent, competing priorities. • Engineered a ticket system for all company locations using three languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese). The system used REST API for communicating to other satellite systems. • Implemented and designed a webchat, administration manager of data, and designed data model. • Collaborated with 20 team members and maintained consistent communication and updates through Agile meetings. • Corrected errors and proactively maintained system through reporting and ticketing issues. • Developed solutions using Angular, React, Typescript, NodeJS, NestJS, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and microservices with NestJS and Express. • Integration with tools in AWS with different language (Java, Python, Typescript). • Work in enviroments full with Kubernetes. • Integration with a Legacy System in Ruby On Rails. Maintains and modification controllers and model. Integration through Api Rest, and modification Sendgrid emailer component. • Maintaining system on Ruby on Rails, modifying controllers, models, and interaction with React system through API. • Created microservices for effective communication between the ticket system and the queue and chat system. • Implemented UX design to views in Angular with CSS, HTML, and logic. • Maintaining Kafka Queue for a Service Desk ticket System, integrating with microservices. Monitoring in a Kafdrop some topics for the Ticket System and identifying lag in from consumers at some partitions. When a lag triggers, identified the offset number of ticket and fix that for pass into the communication of the microservice. • Led the team through understanding user/client and key stakeholder requirements, which improved performance.



full time10/2019 - 7/2020
  1. • Collaborated with five developers and supported external UX designer of the SFCC. • Overcame project challenges by quickly grasping new technologies and understanding e-commerce logic. • Utilized Angular, Typescript, VanillaJS, JQuery, and CSS to engineer e-commerce Paris.cl in Salesforce cloud commerce. • Used PLP and PDP when working on Paris.cl projects. • Designed and developed these projects using Schema for improvements to SEO and order inside SFCC, which increased visits and page rank for Paris.cl. • Working in a full cloud platform, SFCC, Linked with GitlabCI



full time9/2016 - 9/2019
  1. • Worked on requirement elicitation and translation to technical specifications and created test plans for application maintenance. • Played a key role in the six-year pension project while collaborating with the staff members and supporting internal and external users/clients. • Worked with PHP, Oracle PL/SQL, VanillaJS Angular 4, Typescript, Java Struts 2, Java SpringBoot, SpringMVC, SpringData, Struts 1-2, and Python, with integration work using microservices REST API. • Engineered a solution over three years to communicate with two systems without source code and delivery dates, to change contract from SOAP API. • Implemented upgrades with Angular in systems with VanillaJS and old legacy codes from older versions with unsupported browsers, library upgrades, and more standardized code. • Implemented upgrades from old versions with unsupported browsers and library upgrades with a higher degree of standard codes. The advantages were related to the avoidance of losing the created systems. • Developed a complete process for the disability system to pay people with disabilities and pensions in a fair manner. • Developed systems using Spring MVC, Oracle PL/SQL, and Python to complete project in two years. • Enabling EC2 servers for Jboss platform.

Software Engineer


full time1/2015 - 8/2016
  1. • Participation in systems development in C # .Net, SqlServer, and webforms for Fondo Esperanza. Internal systems in MVC C #, and billing systems in Java Spring and Angularjs. Implements the transpilation for the frontend with Nodejs and TypeScript.

System developer

IPS Instituto prevision social

full time9/2012 - 12/2014
  1. • IPS Analyst-Developer for J2EE (Struts, Spring, Jboss 6), PHP (Vanilla php), and BD Oracle (Plsql) platforms. Development Platform Administrator in the IT department. • Worked on the development and maintenance for the Social Security Institute (IPS) for the Government of Chile.
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