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Photo of Mubeen Iqbal

Mubeen Iqbal

Fullstack Engineer

Lahore City, Pakistan
Hey Geeks!
I am fullstack developer Having Strong experience in ROR and also in reactJS. I have almost 4 years of proven experience in ROR and almost 2 years in reactJS. I worked on many engines include devise, administrate, graphiti, money etc. integrating many third party APIs like twillio, crowdin,twiiter and many more.
On the front end side I have experience in functional components and prior in redux toolkit for the state management.
Portfolio: https://github.com/mubeenmughal?tab=repositories

Services I offer:

- Ruby on rails
- Active admin
- Sidekiq
- Action mailer
- Active record
- Mui
- JavaScript
- Tailwind
- React
- Redux

Adding new features in existing application
Bug fixes in ROR and react applications deployed on heroku, AWS, Digital ocean and vast experience in deploying.
What I offer:

- Clean code with proper commenting.
- Write test case in rspec.
- Resolve Robocop offenses.

Hope to have good business relationship with you soon, Thanks 😊


RubyPythonReact.jsAmazon Web ServicesSQLGithubWeb implementationJavascriptFull stack maintenanceFeature implementation


Senior-level3-5 years

Hourly rate


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