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Photo of Muaaz Farooq Khan

Muaaz Farooq Khan

Frontend Engineer

Islamabad, Pakistan
As a front-end developer with 4 years of experience, I specialize in building complex web applications using Angular and React. I have a deep understanding of these frameworks and have worked on numerous projects ranging from small-scale startups to enterprise-level applications.

My expertise in Angular includes creating reusable components, implementing advanced features such as lazy loading, and integrating it with RESTful APIs. I am also experienced in using Angular Material to create beautiful and responsive user interfaces. Moreover, I have a strong understanding of state management, data binding, and component architecture in both frameworks. Additionally, I have experience working with other popular front-end tools and libraries such as RxJS.

In addition to Angular, I have a strong background in React and have built complex applications using Redux and React Router. I am also familiar with other libraries such as React Native and Next.js, which allow me to build cross-platform applications and server-side rendered websites.

My technical skills are complemented by my strong communication and problem-solving abilities. I have experience working in Agile environments and am comfortable collaborating with designers and other developers to create exceptional user experiences.

If you're looking for a front-end developer with expertise in Angular and React who can help bring your vision to life, please don't hesitate to reach out.


AngularReact.jsGithubJavascriptTypeScriptBootstrapWeb designTesting and debuggingDjangoNode+npm


Mid-level3-5 years

Hourly rate


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