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Photo of Minaxi  Limbad

Minaxi Limbad

QA Engineer

Rajkot, Gujarat, India
Hello, I am minaxi and I have four years of experience in manual testing. 
Testing of 40+ Projects [Product based &Service based].
Strong Knowledge of game testing – web base game, android and 
Preparing Test Cases, Test Scenario, Test Plan, and necessary Testing Documents.
 Experience in event testing.
Testing of front end and back end ofsoftware and database testing with the help of all testing techniques.
 Can communicate with various team members like Developers, Designers, Business managers and other QA team to get to 
the better product delivery.
Willingness to learn and a person with positive outlook to life.


manual testingAPI testingquality assuranceUsability testingperformance testingProblem solvingTesting and debugging


Mid-level3-5 years

Hourly rate


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