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Photo of Marcelo Belkiman

Marcelo Belkiman

Fullstack Engineer

Campinas, SP, Brasil
I had the opportunity to collaborate with major financial players in South America, including Banco Itau, the largest bank in the region. This experience provided me valuable insights to how to deal with big teams and big problems.

Other achievement was the development of an Android app designed for reading magazines and newspapers. I worked closely with major publishers to curate and maintain an extensive catalog, serving a user base of over 200,000 users who had access to a collection of over 20,000 books. This project showcased my ability to create and manage large-scale digital platforms.

In addition, I am also an entrepreneur at heart. I founded my own social network, www.pipoclube.com, tailored for Portuguese speakers to engage in discussions, catalog, and explore movies.

Furthermore, I ventured into the world of gaming by creating a mobile golf game that was as selected as a finalist at biggest festival of independent games in Latin America, the Big Festival (2018)


React NativeReact.jsNodeTypeScriptJavascriptJavaAgile methodologies


Senior-level8+ years

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