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Photo of M Haris Nadeem

M Haris Nadeem

Fullstack Engineer

"Greetings! Embarking on the digital odyssey as a web developer, my narrative takes shape against the backdrop of lines of code and a symphony of creativity. With the evolving landscape of technology as my canvas, I find myself positioned at the intriguing juncture of academia and professional growth.

Driven by a fervent curiosity, I ventured into the labyrinthine world of web development, steadily honing my skills while progressing through my third year at university. My passion extends beyond the borders of web design, flowing seamlessly into the realm of Python programming. With Python as my compass, I navigate the intricate terrains of AI and machine learning, a world brimming with limitless possibilities.

In the realm of professional growth, I'm proud to stand as a dedicated contributor at Increase Rev Software House. Here, I paint virtual landscapes with pixels of innovation, breathing life into websites and applications that stand as both creative expressions and technological marvels.

Rooted in my nurturing family home, a foundation comprised of my parents and three cherished siblings nurtures the values of perseverance and collaboration that mirror my role as a web developer. This supportive cocoon empowers me to explore the diverse languages of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and the rich tapestry of AI and machine learning.

So, let's embark on this journey together, unraveling the intricate threads of technology and creativity that shape my identity as a web developer with a passion for Python, AI, and machine learning.


Web Developer

Increase Rev

Full time contract11/2022 - 8/2023
  1. I used React.js to make websites more interactive and user-friendly. With WordPress, I customized website designs and added extra features. I created chatbots using Python and made them smarter with AI, so they can talk more like people. I worked with teams to understand what the chatbots should do. I tested a lot to find and fix problems, making sure the chatbots work well. I also kept learning about the latest React.js, WordPress, and AI ideas to use the best methods.


Iqra University


Bachelor's DegreeClass of 2023


CleverBot 2

I was the one who constructed the higher project.
project preview

Crafted an AI-powered chatbot using Python and NLP, enabling natural and helpful user interactions. Enhanced with machine learning, the chatbot learns over time, offering seamless assistance and engaging conversations.


PythonReact.jsDjangoJavaJavascriptLogo designMicrosoft ExcelMongoDBDatabase systemsArtificial Intelligence


Mid-level1-3 years

Hourly rate


Open to


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