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Luis Gerardo Hernández Pintor

Backend Engineer

Puebla, Pue., México
👋 Hello, fellow programmers! Allow me to introduce myself. I'm a passionate and curious individual with a strong love for programming and continuously learning new disciplines. 💻📚

When I'm not immersed in coding, you can find me at home, wearing my tech hat 🧢 and tinkering with hardware. I'm particularly fascinated by the world of tech and enjoy playing the role of a technician in my own little tech haven. ⚙️🔧

Oh, did I mention I'm also a proud parent to three adorable cats? 🐱🐱🐱 They bring joy, laughter, and a little bit of chaos to my organized world. 🐾

I thrive in an environment that values order and efficiency, and I bring that mindset to my work and projects. Keeping things structured and organized helps me stay focused and deliver high-quality results. 📊📋

I'm excited to join this community of like-minded programmers and explore new horizons together. Let's share knowledge, collaborate, and create amazing things! 🌟🤝

Feel free to reach out to me if you share similar interests or if you want to talk tech, programming, or anything under the digital sun. Looking forward to connecting with all of you! 🌐🚀


Software Engineer


Full time contract11/2023 - 6/2023
  1. Back-end developer
  2. - I enhanced the internal platform by enabling additional options.
  3. - Upgraded the lambdas platform from NodeJS 14 to NodeJS 18 to improve performance and security,
  4. - Filtered, and removed obsolete lambdas,
  5. - Conducted a thorough listing of critical and high-priority vulnerabilities for immediate action to ensure continuous platform security
Backend Developer


Full time contract8/2020 - 9/2022
  1. Develop new modules for improving reports and their corresponding unit tests.
  2. Migrate functions from groovy grails project to Golang project.
  3. Analysis of reports generated by Golang project.
  4. Be part of the design of new features.


Benemerita Univercidad Autonoma de Puebla

Computer science

Bachelor's DegreeClass of 2020


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Completed assessment
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GithubGolangAgile methodologiesAWSAWS LambdaNodeJavaScriptPythonWeb design


Mid-level1-3 years

Hourly rate


Open to


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