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Photo of Leonardo Friedrich

Leonardo Friedrich

QA Engineer

Florianópolis, SC, Brasil
Dear Recruiter,
I write to apply for job opportunities in the testing field 
automated using Selenium in C#. Training provided in 
December 2023 in Systems Analysis and Development, I am 
enthusiastic(a) to apply my knowledge and technical skills 
To contribute to the success of your organization.
During my course, I gained a solid experience in testing. 
automated, with a special focus on the use of the Selenium framework in 
The C language. I was able to develop efficient and reliable applications, 
Ensure the quality of software products. In addition, I have 
Knowledge of testing routes.
In addition to my technical experience, I also have skills. 
communication in English, at the conversation level, which allows me 
Work effectively in an international environment.
I am highly motivated (a) to expand my professional career beyond 
I have a great interest in working in Brazil. 
and Foreign. I am open to challenging opportunities and 
I am willing to adapt to different cultures and working environments.
I attach my curriculum to your assessment. I think my experience 
in automated testing with Selenium in C#, along with my 
Academic training in Systems Analysis and Development, me 
It is an ideal candidate for positions related to testing. 
The software.
Thank you in advance for considering my candidacy. I am 
Available for an interview at any convenient time 
and you. Please feel free to contact me through the 
Leofilter@gmail.com or by the number +55 (51) 98014-4153.
Thank you for your attention and look forward to the opportunity. 
Contribute with your team and mutual success.
with care,




Full time contract4/2023 - 8/2023
  1. Automation teste with Selenium.


PUC Minas


High School / GEDClass of 2023


C#automated testing


Entry-level1-3 years

Open to


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