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Laxmi Prasad Bammidi

Blockchain Engineer

Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India


Sr.Blockchain Developer


Full time contract6/2022 - 3/2023
  1. Worked as Blockchain Developer on NFT Marketplace , NFT cross-chain Bridges , Decentralised Crypto wallets (Development from scratch), Trading Bots, Decentralised Exchanges and many more on DEFI. Along with these Sucessful projects also worked on the Substrate-Framework on Polkadot blockchain.
Blockchain Developer

Future Finance

Full time contract2/2021 - 4/2022
  1. Worked as a Lead Blockchain Developer. Worked on NFT video calling smart contract along with Staking protocol & a DEX. Also contributed on Polkadot blockchain.I also worked on product called Tri chain DEX which means a Decentralised Exchange based on Eth, Bsc, Polygon. And also on a Tri chain NFT Marketplace on the same Three Networks


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SolidityNFTEthereumJavascriptSecurity AuditsGithubCryptographyDeveloping applications


Senior-level3-5 years

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