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Photo of Koketso Ntlailane

Koketso Ntlailane

UX / UI Designer

As an aspiring UX Designer, I'm leveraging my existing soft skills, including empathy, gained from my customer service experience. With a recently earned Google UX Design certificate from Coursera and ongoing studies in Project Management, I'm focused on transitioning into a Project Manager role within the tech industry. Currently based in Johannesburg, I'm committed to infusing my empathetic qualities into the world of UX design.


Customer Service Specialist

Treger Group

Full time contract7/2019 - 9/2023
  1. Pioneered top-notch customer service strategies, serving as a focal point for customer inquiries and issues.
  2. Proactively identified improvement opportunities, maintained exceptional service levels, and fostered strong customer relations.
  3. Problem-Solved Response Times: Strategically leveraged Zendesk CRM to tackle the challenge of extended response times, transforming them from a week to most inquiries being addressed within 24 hours and a maximum of 48 hours.
  4. Conflict resolution, client feedback, ticketing systems, communication skills, CRM software (Zendesk).
  5. Utilized Syspro for efficient account management and product tracking.



UX Design

OtherClass of 2023


Problem-solvingFigmaBuilding user interfacesUX design understandingApplication designWireframingPrototypingProblem-solving skills


Senior-level8+ years

Open to


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