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Joseph Zhang

Fullstack Engineer

5-8 yearsChicago, IL, USA
About Joseph Zhang
Fullstack Engineer
Experience level
Senior-level5-8 yrs
Hourly rate
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Senior Full Stack Developer

Next Level Media

full time contract4/2021 - 2/2023
  1. Managed the development of CRM software and led a team of 12 members, delivering high-quality code with full testing including unit testing, integration testing, and E2E testing.
  2. Designed and implemented a serverless architecture using GCP serverless functions and Cloud Run, resulting in improved scalability and reduced operational costs.
  3. Built several microservices using Node.js, Nest, Java Spring, and GoLang, providing efficient and reliable solutions to complex business problems.
  4. Enhanced the database performance by using proper indexing and database sharding, resulting in improved application performance and reduced database latency.
  5. Improved the page loading speed and SEO by introducing new caching architecture and SSR framework like Next, resulting in increased user engagement and better search engine rankings.
  6. Helped the HR team to hire and mentor junior developers, ensuring the team's growth and development
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