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Jhonatan Rodrigues

Backend Engineer

5-8 yearsSão Paulo, SP, Brasil
About Jhonatan Rodrigues
Backend Engineer
Experience level
Senior-level5-8 yrs
Hourly rate
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Estácio Faculty of Belém

Computer Engineering

Bachelor's DegreeClass of 2017

Junior Engineer


full time1/2018 - 3/2019
  1. Worked on the development of JavaScript solutions for mapping Brazilian land cover, with a primary focus on the mangrove of Brazil. Responsibilities: ● Understanding the algorithms for processing and treating satellite images with the help of a remote sensing expert. ● Implementation of algorithms for processing satellite images through the Google Earth Engine tool. ● Presentation and validation of the results obtained with the help of the specialists. ● Maintenance of company website.

System Analyst

São Luís City Hall

full time3/2019 - 9/2019
  1. Worked on maintenance of municipality systems mainly using Java. Responsibilities: ● Maintenance of legacy systems. ● Documentation creation. ● User training.

Mid-Level Engineer


full time10/2019 - 10/2021
  1. Worked on the development of solutions for the consortium market, focusing on the development and maintenance of serverless applications using NodeJS and TypeScript. Responsibilities: ● Development and maintenance of microservices. ● Integration of internal applications with Brazilian banks. ● System monitoring (observability). ● Implementation of design patterns. During this period, I also had the opportunity to perform some DevOps tasks such as: ● Implementation of Terraform scripts for infrastructure maintenance. ● Monitoring. ● Analysis of the best infrastructure services of AWS that could be used in the development of applications.

Senior Engineer


full time contract10/2022 - 2/2023
  1. Acts as a consultant focusing on maintenance and development of distributed systems using
  2. Golang.
  3. Responsibilities:
  4. ● Understanding of business rules and client needs.
  5. ● Solution design (planning).
  6. ● Implementation and maintenance of applications.
  7. ● System monitoring (observability).
  8. ● Implementation of design patterns.
  9. ● Training and knowledge transfer to other engineers

Senior Engineer

Mercado Livre

full time10/2021 - 10/2022
  1. Worked as a Senior Engineer in the development and maintenance of the core of Mercado Livre's payment systems using Golang. Responsibilities: ● Maintenance of systems responsible for card payment records in CERC. ● Integration of internal Mercado Livre applications with Brazilian banks. ● Design and implementation of solutions. ● Training and knowledge transfer to other engineers. ● Integration with other teams in Latin America (Argentina, Mexico).
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