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Photo of Jaskaran Singh Kainth

Jaskaran Singh Kainth

Frontend Engineer

Toronto, ON, Canada
Transitioning into Frontend Web Developer role with proficiency in web-applications UI development. Former E-commerce Manager with a decade of experience.


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Check current weather Weather App makes use of two OpenWeather API's; first, to fetch the list of cities all over the world, and then their weather, respectively. Tools used: • React.js • TypeScript • CSS • API • Git

Note taking app - A Google Keep clone

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Create notes, pin them to top, edit later, move to archives, or trash them. Drag and drop notes to rearranage the responsive grid. Tools used: • React.js • TypeScript • CSS • Material UI • React Router • Git

Portfolio Website - jskrn.com

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A personal web development portfolio build to document skills and projects Tools used: • React.js • TypeScript • SASS • Git • React Router • Google Anaytics • Responsive Design • Vercel


React.jsTypeScriptJavaScriptGitReduxAdobe photoshopGithubSEOThird-party API’s


Entry-level1-3 years

Hourly rate


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