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Photo of James Brown

James Brown

Frontend Engineer

Kingston, ON, Canada


Web/Web3 Engineer


Full time contract1/2019 - 3/2022
  1. Deployed smart contracts using Hardhat / Solidity on Ethereum main net
  2. Developed smart contracts and dApps using React, Solidity, ethers.js
  3. Collaborated with colleagues from other department and participated in creating and testing dApps (React /Solidity / Rust)
  4. Created and maintained the application-level components (Svelte / Smelte / Storybook)
  5. Took part in building dashboard that analyzes and displays data extracted from an AI platform using React / Tailwind CSS / GraphQL / Django
  6. Participated in launching DEX applications for low transaction costs to DeFi using Solana, Rust and Anchor
  7. Created a web application that provides clients convenient ways to browse videos and audios and buy them (Vue / Quasar)
  8. Worked on updating the UI Aaccording to the new design of a helathcare company using React and React Native
  9. Wrote unit & e2e tests using Jest and Cypress, increased test coverage to 90%
  10. Contributed to building e-commerce website for a digital marketing agency (Django)
  11. Deployed web applications to AWS, and Microsoft Azure etc




Senior-level8+ years

Hourly rate


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