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Jacob Genkin

Frontend Engineer

Cleveland Heights, OH, USA


Web Developer


Full time contract6/2016 - 4/2018
  1. Designed and implemented SEO strategies for user acquisition, driving acquisition up by an average of 300% each month.
  2. Collaborated with design, product, and backend teams to create 6 web products.
  3. Actively worked in an agile software development environment which utilized the Scrum process.
  4. Wrote unit tests in JEST and Mocha, to ensure code was tested and 100% bug-free.
  5. Skills: React/Redux · Next · AngularJS/Angular13 · JavaScript · SASS / SCSS · AntDesign · Restful API · SEO · WebRTC · Node.js · MySQL · AWS · AWS Lamda · Docker · Linux CLI · JEST · Mocha
Junior Front End Developer

Safeguard Global

Full time contract2/2014 - 6/2016
  1. Developed 7 helpers & libraries per year.
  2. Designed impeccably 8 project requirements with Axure and Photoshop.
  3. Wrote 100% maintainable code with tests.
  4. Worked in an Agile, collaborative environment to receive design requirements, peer programs, and test applications.
  5. Completed all projects within deadlines, securing at least 99% client satisfaction scores.
  6. Led troubleshooting, fixed 800+ bugs and other issues, and updated sites throughout the production lifecycle.
  7. Skills: HTML5/CSS3 · JavaScript · ECMAScript · Ajax · jQuery · PHP · CodeIgniter · MySQL · Axure · Photoshop · UX Web Design · Git
Lead Front End Engineer

Pixel Pylon

Full time contract5/2018 - 11/2022
  1. Built 15+ interactive single-page React applications for eCommerce that could scale with both increased interaction complexity and volume.
  2. Optimized 45+ web pages for maximum speed and scalability using Webpack, Function/Stateless Component, and Memoize React Components(useMemo, useCallback, etc).
  3. Developed high-quality(100% maintainable, 100% bug free) code using Prettier and ESLint.
  4. Participated in product releases and supported old browsers with PolyFill and Webpack.
  5. Built 2 visually stunning AR sites that understand and implement modern WebGL libraries like React3Fiber and Three.js.
  6. Skills: React/Redux · JavaScript · Typescript · Tailwind CSS · styled component · Material UI · React3Fiber · Three.js · Webpack · PolyFill · Prettier · ESLint · MongoDB


Miami University

Computer Science

Bachelor's DegreeClass of 2014



Lead Frontend Developer
project preview

The flexible customer insights platform for teams that gets you from data to insights fast, no matter the method.

Shed PRO

Frontend Developer
project preview

The tool for designing a shed professionally.

Headless UI

Lead Frontend Developer
project preview

Completely unstyled, fully accessible UI components, designed to integrate beautifully with Tailwind CSS.


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JavascriptReactReduxUX design understandingWireframingVue.jsFlexboxAgile methodologiesKnowledge HTML5Knowledge CSS3


Senior-level8+ years

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