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Photo of Isaiah Daniel

Isaiah Daniel

Frontend Engineer

Abuja (F.c.t.), Nigeria
I am an experienced professional with a remarkable journey in the world of programming. With a career spanning since 2018, I have demonstrated an unwavering passion for web development, imparting knowledge as a dedicated teacher. My expertise encompasses a wide array of technologies, including React, Next.js, React Native, Angular, and Node.js, where my proficiency truly shines.

Throughout my career, I have excelled in building applications using these cutting-edge technologies. Leveraging the power of React, I have developed dynamic and interactive user interfaces, creating seamless user experiences. With Next.js, I have crafted server-rendered React applications, ensuring optimal performance and search engine friendliness. React Native has enabled me to extend my skills to the realm of mobile app development, allowing me to build native experiences for iOS and Android platforms. Additionally, my proficiency in Angular has empowered me to develop robust and scalable web applications, harnessing the framework's powerful features. Lastly, with Node.js, I have built server-side applications, leveraging its asynchronous and event-driven nature to create efficient and scalable backend systems.

I also have been very involved in DevOps and AWS building scalable infrastructure and maintaining build and deployment pipelines, my focus lies in combining these cloud and DevOps skills with application development using React, Next.js, React Native, Angular, and Node.js, to have a reliable and scalable system with incredible functionality, performance, and the best user experience.

With my exceptional skills, unwavering dedication, and breadth of experience in web and mobile application development, I am confident in my ability to contribute positively to any team or project. I strive for excellence in every endeavor, consistently delivering high-quality solutions that drive business success.


React NativeReactAngularNodeLaravelAWSDockerKubernetes


Senior-level5-8 years

Hourly rate


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