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Isaac Sanchez

Fullstack Engineer

1-3 yearsMexico City, CDMX, Mexico
About Isaac Sanchez
I'm a Mechanical Engineer turned developer based in Mexico. 
I enjoy solving all kinds of problems and meeting new people with different points of view. I can speak Spanish, French, English and Portuguese.
Fullstack Engineer
Experience level
Entry-level1-3 yrs
Hourly rate
Open to

Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana

Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor's DegreeClass of 2022

Jr. Fullstack Developer

Definity First

full time5/2022 - 12/2022
  1. • Collaborated with a team of around six developers to create, modify and/or improve components using JavaScript and React. • Learned C# from scratch to start working within the backend of the app either fixing bugs or improving the performance of different microservices. • Participated in the creation of some new services that eventually where shipped to production. • Improved the performance of various MongoDB queries and indexes.

Jr. JavaScript Developer

ClickSale / Sirscom

full time3/2020 - 12/2021
  1. • In charge of developing an API using scrapers and private APIs to provide salespeople real-time prices of products. This decreased the time salespeople committed to looking for prices on the web. • Collaborated with a designer to fully rework an e-commerce, this rework increased the number of total sales almost 20% and increased the conversion rate from 2.17% to 4.15% a month after the release of the latest version of the store. • Developed a collapsible menu with a system of tags to filter search results which boosted the amount of people adding a product to the cart by almost 10% and improved the conversion rate from 0.62% to 0.71%. • Collaborated with designers to create and/or improve components like carousels, drawers, carts, badges for three different e-commerce websites. • Developed a small React login page for the salespeople to use, this was meant to help keep track of their sales and clients. • In charge of being in touch with developers from other companies for bugs, crashes, or updates in their API services
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