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Photo of Harsha Vardhan S

Harsha Vardhan S

AWS (Amazon Web services) Developer

McLean, VA, USA


Sr. Azure DevOps Engineer

Capital One

Contract1/2023 - 1/2023
  1. Expertise in Microsoft Azure Service Offering (like Azure cloud services) implementations including Virtual Networks, Virtual Machines, Resource Groups, VPN, Azure DNS, Load Balancing, Application Gateways, Azure web application, App services, Auto-Scaling and Traffic Manager, Azure Active Directory (AD), Azure Resource Manager (ARM), Azure Storage, Key Vault, and Azure Monitoring, Log Analytics Workspace and Application Insights. • Design, build, and executed Enterprise Integration architecture in Azure using Azure Service Bus, AppService, Active Directory, Storage, hybrid connection manager, active directory authentication (for Azure SQL server) along with other associated/required services offerings through ARM templates. • Develop Network Security Groups (NSG) to triggered rule/ access control list (ACL) in Azure and filter traffic to and from Azure Resources by configuring Inbound and Outbound rules and connecting them via Subnet and Network Interfaces by writing Terraform reusable Modules. • Design Azure infrastructure using ARM templates and deployed resources to Azure using ARM APIs, along with managing Azure pipelines (to build, test, and release) and Azure Container Registry for store private Docker images. • Manage Azure data platform stack (such as Azure Databricks, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake storage, Azure DevOps, Azure Functions), and applied it during designing, building, and operating informatics solutions dedicated on Azure ecosystem. • Design and execute high-performing data consumption pipelines from multiple sources via Azure Databricks, including integration of end-to-end data pipeline for fetching data from source systems (like data repositories) for maintaining data quality and consistency. • Apply technical knowledge to construct architect solutions to meet business/project needs along with designed data Platform roadmaps to support additional use cases like Azure ML, Azure Data Lake, Azure Databricks, Azure Data Factory, Cosmos DB, Azure EventHub • Work on Azure Resource Manager as infrastructure as code for provisioning and managing Azure infrastructure straight from third-party tools like Ansible, Chef, Puppet, and Terraform. Also, applying Python, SQL, Spark with Azure techniques for developing large-scale batch, realtime data pipelines/APIs and further, designing, hosting solutions using Azure PaaS services (like Azure APIM Logic, Event Bus, Event Hub). • Managing the log data collected from different data sources and group VMs and Azure resource log files into a single data lake using Azure Log Analytics Workspace. • Operating Azure PowerShell for managing Azure Infrastructure including, Azure Web Roles, Worker Roles, VM Role, Azure SQL, Azure Storage, Azure AD Licenses, Virtual Machine Backup. • Manage security principles such as Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), Azure Active Directory (AD), Azure KeyVaults on Azure platform, plus worked on Azure AD Identity Provider for implementing end to end OpenID flows, from both front & back channels, in the web Applications and web APIs. • Optimizing two tier .NET web applications to Azure DevOps to focus on development using services such as Repos to commit codes in the run time environment. • Expertise in hosting micro-service application architecture on Orchestration tool, Azure Kubernetes service, deployed services using helm chart deployment. • Deploy micro-services using helm charts which includes horizontal pod auto-scaling, load-balancing, pvc volume mounting storages resource allocations. • Built and automated cloud ready solutions on Microsoft Azure cloud platform using Azure Kubernetes services (AKS), and used platform like Azure, Ansible, Terraform, and Jenkins to build, test, integrate, and deploy project associated applications. • Host SonarQube on Azure App Service (with a Java Host) and built ARM templates to run the SonarQube installation for easy integration and analyzing build pipelines. • Construct Ansible Playbooks to enable Apache Web servers, Tomcat servers, Nginx, and other applications, alongside used file module in Ansible playbook to copy and eliminate files on remote systems. • Develop, secured the internal (within the firewall) Artifactory like Jfrog/Nexus applications holding packages needed for creation and distribution to the clients, ensuring reliability of packages for both cloud and on-premises. • Establish and configure HTTP Triggers in Azure Functions plus Application insights for supervising and executing applications load testing via VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services). • Rectify issues by provided production support for the ServiceNow application via troubleshooting, problem analysis, problem management, resolution, and synchronized tasks between ServiceNow and Azure DevOps Boards. • Regulate immutable storage feature of Azure blob to access needed files ensuring data cannot be altered or deleted by any user) and further, managed Azure Storage Queues to make connect amid associated processes. • Create ARM templates to deploy Azure infrastructure involving nested and shared templates alongside migrated core networking infrastructure such as virtual network, subnets, NSG to Terraform. • Transmit domains/registrars between platforms like GoDaddy, Azure etc., ensured nothing get missed (like DNS record).


Auburn University At Montgomery

Masters in Information Systems

Master's DegreeClass of 2023


GithubDockerKubernetesMicrosoft AzureAWSCollaborationCommunicationProblem-solvingScala


Senior-level5-8 years

Hourly rate


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