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Photo of Hammad ur rehman

Hammad ur rehman

Fullstack Engineer

Lahore, Pakistan
I'm a seasoned Software Engineer with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and over 7 years of experience specializing in Ruby on Rails and React.js. Throughout my career, I've been deeply involved in crafting various features, designs, and modules that have contributed to the success of multiple projects.

My expertise extends to building sophisticated front-end systems using a range of cutting-edge technologies, including JavaScript, jQuery, Sass, TypeScript, SCSS, and Bootstrap. With a solid grasp of software engineering principles, I've honed my skills in the essential create, read, update, delete (CRUD) methodology, ensuring efficient and effective data management.

One of my strengths lies in test-driven development (TDD) using tools like RSpec, as well as behavior-driven development (BDD) with Cucumber and Capybara. I've also taken the lead in designing RESTful API endpoints, effectively bridging the gap between front-end and back-end systems.

I take immense pride in my work, consistently delivering clean, efficient, and reliable code while adhering to project timelines. My experience extends to utilizing AWS for cloud-based solutions, and I thrive in collaborative team environments that follow Agile methodologies.

As a highly focused and self-motivated professional, I thrive on challenges and take a proactive approach to problem-solving. Throughout my journey, I've built a reputation as a dedicated team player, successfully managing diverse responsibilities and contributing to the development of robust applications.


Full-Stack Developer

Decypher Technologies

Full time contract2/2018 - 2/2020
  1. Orchestrated ROR design, enriched CRUD via MVC, managed GIT/GitHub.
  2. Integrated diverse authentication, used Pundit gem for authorization.
  3. Sculpted elegant front-end: RAILS, AJAX, CSS, JSON, JQuery.
  4. Powered dynamic back-end with Active Records, employed ReactJS, JQuery for DOM.
  5. Crafted efficient Rake tasks for PostgreSQL updates, introduced various features.
  6. Elevated code with RSpec, Cucumber testing, managed imbalanced datasets.
  7. Integrated REST APIs, conducted reviews, resolved bugs.
Full-Stack Developer and Team Lead

Delta Labs

Full time contract3/2020 - 4/2022
  1. Orchestrated agile project phases as lead developer, spanning design to deployment.
  2. Managed Ruby on Rails, React.js, guided design, mentored juniors; collaborated offshore
  3. Authored tech docs, practiced TDD/BDD, deployed AWS (EC2, S3, RDS)
  4. Resolved bugs, introduced OAuth, managed Sidekiq, optimized PostgreSQL.
  5. Applied Ruby for custom validations, improved design with service-oriented architecture.
  6. Ensured seamless app interactions via meticulous proxy setup.
  7. Directed logic, RSpec tests, Active Model Serializers for data flow.
Full-Stack Developer

Vital Source

Full time contract5/2022 - 7/2023
  1. Multifaceted role, pivotal in AGILE feature dev and testing.
  2. Executed Active Records migrations, harnessed Rails components.
  3. Optimized efficiency via query tuning, memcached content caching.
  4. Maintained code quality, bug fixes, comprehensive reviews.
  5. Engaged in change requests, clear communication with clients.
  6. Established CI process for streamlined Jenkins deployments.
  7. Executed Ruby Scripts for VitalSource project DB changes.
Ruby On Rails Developer

TechnoDesert Technologies

Full time contract11/2015 - 1/2018
  1. Agile/SCRUM with JIRA, Confluence.
  2. Collaborated for precise scope, using Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, REACTJS, CSS3
  3. Behavior-Driven Development: Capybara, Cucumber. Test-Driven Development: RSpec2
  4. Ruby, Rails, Postgres, Redis for app core. Improved CRUD via MVC
  5. Managed GIT/GitHub, integrated Action Mailer, Action Cable for mailing, chat
  6. Thorough testing, caching, refined queries, integrated third-party APIs.
  7. UI crafted with CSS, HAML, HTML. Agile/Scrum, personalized via user profiles


University Of Central Punjab

Software Engineering

Bachelor's DegreeClass of 2019


One Main Financial

Ruby On Rails Developer
project preview

Mission is to improve the financial well-being of hardworking Americans. OneMain Financial is the leader in offering nonprime customers responsible access to credit. We are committed to being the partner of choice and empowering our customers to reach

Park PnP

Full-Stack Developer
project preview

The Parkpnp marketplace seamlessly connected parking space owners with drivers in need, fostering revenue opportunities for various stakeholders. The innovative approach resulted in significant cost (70% reduced) and time savings for drivers.

Curbside Health

Full-Stack Developer and Team Lead
project preview

Curbside is world’s first modern decision support platform designed to help align administrative priorities with the clinicians and clinical actions that drive outcomes through an end-to-end clinical effectiveness solution.

Vital Source (Verba)

Full-Stack Developer
project preview

The VitalSource project achieved resounding success by fostering extensive partnerships with publishers and institutions since 1994. This collaboration led to the creation of an unparalleled academic digital content catalog.


RubyReact.jsReduxAgile methodologiesRESTful APITypeScriptAWSGithubBug fixesautomated testing


Senior-level5-8 years

Hourly rate


Open to


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