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Photo of Ghulam Farid

Ghulam Farid

React Developer

Lahore, Pakistan
I am basically a react developer and also have ability to provide support to backend team. I have 3 years of experience in the field. I am Innovative, competent, capable, and accomplished software engineer with expertise in developing web application front-end components using React JS and offering support to back-end developers in NodeJS with both SQL and graphQL; proficient in writing reusable components, design libraries like Ant design and material UI, State Management libraries like Recoil and Redux and have experience with Apollo Client. I am Highly skilled in programming, creativity, teamwork, problem-solving orientation, and using JavaScript programming language; proficient and adept in providing quality solutions to complex business issues.


React Developer


Full time contract1/2020 - 6/2021
  1. Responsible for creating resueable components and also handle APIs data on frontend.
  2. Frontend libraries used for development like
  3. Meterial UI React-bootsrtap
  4. Ant-d NPM packages
  5. Redux ContextApi
  6. API Handling SCSS
Jr. Full stack Developer

GTek Solutions

Full time contract8/2021 - 7/2022
  1. Works on company’s Product. Design and developed UI designed and integrate APIs. Use Recoil as state management- library.
  2. Build Graph QL APIs for the web app and integrate at front end using apollo client.
  3. Developed client’s websites using Next JS with STRAPI CMS as content management tool on backend.
Full Satck Developer


Full time contract7/2022 - 7/2023
  1. Competently demonstrating sound technical abilities and fundamental knowledge of handling entire process of frontend using React & Angular, and backend using python and Flask as web framework.
  2. Handling Company’s mobile app build in React Native. Design new screens for new features.


Quaid i Azam University Islamabad

Computer Sciences

Bachelor's DegreeClass of 2020


React NativeJavascriptGithubWeb designNodeAngularOOPSQLRedux


Senior-level3-5 years

Hourly rate


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