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Gauthami Vijayakumar

Blockchain Engineer

1-3 yearsChennai, Tamil Nadu, India
About Gauthami Vijayakumar
Blockchain Engineer
Experience level
Mid-level1-3 yrs
Hourly rate
Open to

Anna University

Engineering in Computer Science

Bachelor's DegreeClass of 2010

blockchain developer


full time contract5/2021 - 10/2022
  1. Minted ERC-20 token and deployed smart contract in ethereum.
  2. Facilitated buy and selling of the token with a transaction fee.
  3. Minted ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFT's and deployed smart contracts in ethereum.
  4. Integrated Smart contract with the frontend using ethers.js.

blockchain developer

ALDA web3

full time contract12/2021 - 4/2023
  1. I have been responsible for NFT minting , sell , transfer and buy.
  2. Created a market place for NFT .
  3. Minted ERC-20 Token and have facilitated the buy and sell for the token with ETH and USD.
  4. Deployed smart contract for NFT (ERC-721 and ERC-1155) minting ,sell, buy and transfer in polygon test and mainnet.
  5. Deployed smart contract for mintting,selling and buying ERC-20 tokens in Etherum mainnet and sepolia testnet.
  6. Integrated Smart contract with the frontend using ethers.js
  7. Worked with node , React.js and MongoDB.
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