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Photo of Elijah Khan

Elijah Khan

AWS (Amazon Web services) Developer

Edgewood, MD, USA


Maintenance Technician


Contract3/2010 - 4/2013
  1. • Repaired and maintained the proper functioning of computer hardware and software, ensuring that all applications were updated and running efficiently, while troubleshooting any issues that arose to ensure maximum system performance. • Install updates and remove viruses from computer systems using antivirus applications to ensure maximum protection and performance of the system while reducing potential risks of malicious attacks. • Repaired cell phones and smartphones, saving customers money while making sure that they get the latest technology. • Repaired and replaced computer peripherals include the keyboard, speakers, mouse, printer, scanner, webcam, and screen for improved user experience and enhanced performance.
DevOps Engineer


Contract9/2019 - 12/2022
  1. • Work with clients to meet business needs and solve problems using the cloud • Design and implement end-to-end Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines using both Jenkins and AWS pipeline. • Automate the deployment and testing of resources using Infrastructure as Code (Terraform and CloudFormation) through pipelines using DevOps principals, allowing customers to rapidly build, test, and release code while minimizing errors • Work with developers, architects, system administrators and other stakeholders to architect and configure Dev / Stage / QA and Prod environments in AWS (VPC, subnets, Security groups, EC2 instances, load balancer, Route53, etc.) • Work with developers to build, deploy and orchestrate containers using Docker and Kubernetes • Designing for high availability and business continuity using self-healing-based architectures, fail-over routing policies, multi-AZ deployment of EC2 instances, ELB health checks, Auto Scaling, and other disaster recovery models. • Leveraged AWS Control Tower, AWS Organization to set up and govern a secure, multi-account AWS environment based on the company’s requirements. • Implemented and managed Ansible Tower to scale automation and handle complex deployments. • Monitoring and optimize the environment to ensure costs and performance scale on demand.
Cloud Engineer


Contract5/2017 - 7/2019
  1. • Managed AWS infrastructure provisioning using CloudFormation • Designed and deployed scalable, highly available, fault tolerant and reliable applications in AWS • Hands-on experience with AWS CLI including deploying CFTs, managing S3, EC2, IAM on CLI • Monitored infrastructure and applications using CloudWatch and Nagios • Implemented cost optimization strategies in the AWS infrastructure • Architected Amazon RDS with Multi-AZ for automatic failover at the database tier • Recommended and implemented DR strategies for Business Continuity and HA • Designed EC2 and related architecture to meet HA while incorporating security best practices • Provided technical perspective on infrastructure design options and configurations • Developed Solution Definition Documents (SDD) and Low Level Deign Documents for public cloud • Recommended and implemented security best practices in AWS including MFA, access key rotation, encryption using KMS, firewalls- security groups and NACLs, S3 bucket policies and ACLs, mitigating DDOS attacks etc. •Managed Ansible for configuration management • Used AWS system manager documents and run command to automate operational tasks across AWS Resources. • Used Jira to plan, track, support and close requests, tickets and incidents. • Delegated access across AWS accounts using IAM cross account roles
Linux System Administrator


Contract1/2014 - 11/2016
  1. • Created users and granted them permissions to access specific resources accordingly. • Installed updates and applications using Yum, Rpm, Chocolatey, Apt, and other package managers to ensure the system is up to date and efficient. • Connected remotely to servers through Secure Shell (SSH) to install updates quickly, securely, and efficiently while ensuring minimal disruption to the system. • Created virtual machines in local and virtual environments for testing purposes, allowing for rapid development and debugging of various software applications, providing an efficient and cost-effective way to test new ideas.


1/2023 - 1/2023


Github Interpersonal SkillsCloud ComputingPythonProblem-solvingDatabase systems


Mid-level3-5 years

Hourly rate


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