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Divyanshu Rathore

Fullstack Engineer

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Software Engineer

SayRhino (https://www.sayrhino.com)

Full time contract12/2014 - 6/2017
  1. I achieved an 89% test coverage by authoring automated tests for both front-end and back-end functionalities, ensuring optimal code quality and stability.
  2. I upskilled in React.js and deftly leveraged my newfound knowledge to construct seamless UI/UX components that were delivered on schedule.
  3. I seamlessly wrote custom Rake tasks that effectively parsed complex JSON and CSV documents, streamlining the data-loading process into the database.
  4. I orchestrated the successful implementation of background jobs and workers that effectively synchronized data between the client-facing application and the administrative management interface via APIs.
  5. I deftly created an innovative role-based authorization system and a state-of-the-art admin portal that promises efficient resource management and improved user experience.
  6. I successfully integrated Stripe APIs to develop a highly sophisticated and scalable recurring billing system that effectively manages subscription services, payment details, billing cycles, and refunds.
Sr. Software Engineer

MeSuite (https://mesuite.com)

Full time contract8/2019 - 1/2021
  1. I created DirectME, a cutting-edge private live streaming solution designed to provide creative directors with real-time access to multiple camera viewpoints and seamless engagement with their crew.
  2. In collaboration with my team, I developed advanced services that effectively retrieve post-production deliverables from AI endpoints and generate automated Excel and PDF reports, streamlining the workflow and increasing productivity of media production teams.
  3. To enhance user experience and enable efficient data management, I added functionality that allows teams to save data in folder structures, providing them with an effective means of keeping track of their document uploads.
  4. With an eye for quality assurance, I utilized Rspec and Capybara to author automated test cases for both front-end and back-end functionality, ensuring optimal code stability and reducing the risk of errors.
Software Engineer

Manageplaces (https://www.manageplaces.com)

Full time contract6/2017 - 7/2019
  1. As a full-stack developer, I was entrusted with the responsibility of working on the dynamic ManagePlaces platform - a solution designed to transform the way construction companies manage their projects and finances, enabling seamless digital team collaboration.
  2. I made significant contributions to the development of an open-source Ruby client for Dropbox V2 APIs, authoring 7 critical endpoints. These endpoints were instrumental in streamlining our application's sync and management of clients' documents on Dropbox.
  3. With an eye for optimization, I changed the document sync process to read data in chunks, leading to 90% reduction in memory usage. This approach significantly improved the platform's performance and stability.
  4. I implemented Gantt charts, that enabled task automation and streamlined workflows. This feature transformed our application's task management, enhancing its efficiency and usability.
  5. In a bid to optimize the existing JavaScript and JQuery components and services, I migrated them to Vue.js. This migration was instrumental in streamlining the application's performance and user experience, delivering seamless and intuitive UI/UX.
Sr. Software Engineer

Strategize by RandallReilly (https://www.randallreilly.com/talent-intelligence/stratas/#strategize)

Full time contract4/2021 - 3/2023
  1. I transformed the raw SQL queries in the codebase into efficient Arel queries, streamlining data management and significantly reducing code complexity.
  2. I implemented Redis cache, resulting in a remarkable 25.38% reduction in query time and a staggering 44.26% increase in throughput, enhancing the application's performance and user experience. Additionally, I utilized Redis for session management behind load balancers, further improving user experience.
  3. I developed a comprehensive data visualization web application from scratch that provides cutting-edge market insights and benchmarks in the trucking industry. I utilized Chart.js to create complex charts and innovative visualizations that showcase groundbreaking insights.
  4. I designed and implemented an intuitive admin portal that streamlines resource management, making it simple and efficient for users.
  5. I utilized automated testing to ensure feature stability, optimizing the application's performance and user experience. I also performed regular code reviews for both front-end and back-end, providing valuable feedback for efficient management and further enhancing the application's quality and performance.
  6. I created a scalable production server environment using ElasticBeanstalk, ElastiCache, RDS, and CloudFront, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for the application.
  7. I implemented Vault to manage the application's secrets securely, providing robust protection for sensitive data and enhancing user trust.



Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science)

Bachelor's DegreeClass of 2014


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GithubPythonRubyProblem-solvingSoftware developmentFull stack maintenanceBug fixesUnit-testingReactVue


Senior-level5-8 years

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