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David Zambrano

Fullstack Engineer

3-5 yearsManta, Ecuador
About David Zambrano
Fullstack Engineer
Experience level
Mid-level3-5 yrs
Hourly rate
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PythonNodeReact.jsMongoDBSQLGithubAWSDockerAlgorithmsDefining requirements


software engineering

Associate DegreeClass of 2023


Computer Science

OtherClass of 2022

Fullstack developer


11/2019 - 3/2023
  1. Successfully led data analysis and front-end development efforts
  2. to improve customer experience on the company website,
  3. resulting in a significant reduction in customer complaints.
  4. ● Proven ability to manage and lead teams as project manager
  5. ● Transitioned to a full-stack developer role, utilizing ASP.NET to
  6. create REST APIs and manage the backend of the website.
  7. ● Collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless
  8. front-end and back-end components integration.
  9. ● Contributed to developing innovative features and improvements
  10. to enhance the user experience.
  11. ● Successfully delivered high-quality products within tight
  12. deadlines and exceeded client expectations.
  13. ● Played a crucial role in maintaining the website's performance,
  14. scalability, and security.
  15. ● Developed and launched a delivery app using Swift, resulting in
  16. the expansion of the company's business into the food and
  17. delivery industry.
  18. ● Led the development of a trading bot using Python, resulting in a
  19. 25% ROI within 4 months.
  20. ● Experience with Agile development.
  21. ● Strong problem-solving skills, and ability to analyze and identify
  22. the root cause of issues.
  23. ● Strong communication and leadership skills.

Technical Support Engineer


2/2023 - 9/2019
  1. Provide quality control and appropriate feedback for code
  2. reviewers within a cross-functional team in order to optimize the
  3. code review process in an all-remote, global startup.
  4. ● Assess code clarity, style, and best practices on project PRs.
  5. ● Develop code review guidelines on JavaScript, React.js/Redux,
  6. and PostgreSQL for part-time code reviewers in a fast-paced
  7. startup.
  8. ● Help developers debug their code and understand technical
  9. concepts.
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