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Dafne Azzolina

Fullstack Engineer

Santa Fe, Provincia de Santa Fe, Argentina
Hi! I'm a software developer with a strong background in mathematics and physics.
I am a naturally curious and analytical person, constantly researching, observing, analyzing, and categorizing the world around me. I also spend a lot of my time surfing the web. These qualities make me very comfortable with researching and building code based on logical structure, as well as keeping up with the constant changes in the tech world. My background and passion for mathematics, physics, and music have taught me discipline, dedication, and problem-solving abilities, which I believe are essential skills for a software developer to have.


Frontend Developer


Full time contract1/2023 - 11/2023
  1. ● Built their new website from scratch using TypeScript, React, Gatsby, GraphQL, and Strapi.
  2. ● Improved accessibility standards by 80% (contrast issues, labels, tab navigation, alternative texts) of their main
  3. app.
  4. ● Worked using the SCRUM methodology with people from 8 different timezones.



Full Stack Developer

BootcampClass of 2022


ReactTypeScriptAgile methodologiesRubyTroubleshootingMongoDBNode.JSGatsbyTailwind css Figma


Entry-level1-3 years

Hourly rate


Open to


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